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GDPR – It's Here at Last!

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After months of attending conferences, updating our procedures and sharing our knowledge, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) deadline has finally occurred.

I’m sure you’re probably bored of hearing about GDPR now, but it’s something that everyone in the EU is having to understand, whatever industry you’re in. Here at Quality Care Insurance Services, we have ensured that our whole team is fully educated on the changes to the regulations.

Having reviewed our procedures, we were pleased to find that the majority of our previous processes were sufficient for the new regulations. We have held training sessions for all our staff in order to make them aware of the changes taking place, and how it is going to change the way they work. We were very happy with how much our staff took on board and how keen they were to ask questions and really gain a full understanding of the new laws.

We stand by the saying “It’s better to be over prepared than under prepared” and that is exactly what we did, to ensure we are complaint with the new GDPR.

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