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Cover includes:

Employers Liability and Public Liability
Full Malpractice and Abuse cover
Full Business Interruption Cover
Professional Indemnity Cover
Legal Expenses
Care Line - Health and Safety Support
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Frequently asked questions

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What is the difference between a claims occurring and a claims made policy?
In relation to Liability Claims Insurance, policies can vary with regard to whether a claim is acknowledged when the incident leading to the loss took place (Claims Occurring) or when the claim for the incident is actually made (Claims Made).

Public Liability claims have a period of 7 years after the event which the claimant can make a claim, so potentially the Insurer can differ when making a claim as to who is current Insurer and who was in place at the time. The claims basis would determine whether you advise your existing Insurer or the Insurer at time.

Within the Care Insurance Sector, the standard basis of cover is provided on Claims Occurring and gaps in policy cover can be created should you choose to go with a policy which is on a Claims Made basis.In respect of Elderly Care Homes, Quality Care Group only deal with Insurers who provide cover on a Claims Occurring basis.
What cover is provided for incidents of alleged Abuse?
Abuse cover is included on a “silent basis” which prevents  any restriction on the cover within the liability sections of the policy. It is commonly considered that any mention of Abuse within a policy wording actually serves to restrict rather than provide any additional cover.
I’m unsure whether an incident which has occurred requires me to report it. What should I do?
Contact us. Our dedicated claims department will be able to advise whether a claim need be reported to Insurers and whether there are any conditions or details required from you. Assistance is also available to ensure that all aspects of your cover are considered when making a claim.
Will my policy provide professional indemnity cover for my Nurses?
Nurses working for the home are covered automatically under the policy for the work that they complete for the home.The cover would actually be picked up under the Treatment or Malpractice section of the policy for the professional services provided to residents. As mentioned above, the cover would only apply whilst the Nurses are fulfilling duties of the home and not whilst providing any care or service outside of this employment.
Why don’t I have a Public Liability Certificate?
Unlike Employer’s Liability, Public Liability and Malpractice are not actually a legal requirement. It is of course however just as essential but for this reason Insurers do not issue a separate Certificate. We are happy to provide at your request a confirmation of the liability covers in place which will be sufficient as evidence for Local Councils and similar third parties.

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