Staff Training & Development

Quality Care Academy

Comprehensive clinical and specialist training courses.

We offer a broad syllabus of care-related Training and Development courses, available on-line, virtual or in classroom that include (but are not limited to):

Basic Health & Safety Training
Patient Care
Mandatory training
Induction training
General clinical skills
Complex care
Mental Health
Business Efficiency
Manager Training

The ‘Well-Led’ category within the CQC inspection is an area we see many care homes having shortcomings.We will work with your manager to establish the knowledge and confidence for CQC/CIW visits, developing their understanding of expectations and recommending processed and procedures to support this.  We will also help you build a Leadership Development Programme to help improve and evolve your management team.

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Health & Safety Induction Training for Care Homes

We take the time to understand your business and provide you with bespoke training & advice.

Covering a wide range of expertise in different areas, we are confident we can find the right solution for your business. Whether that be online training solutions, onsite safety training for your staff or appointing a competent person to manage all of your Health and Safety needs and help with your COVID-19 requirements.

Our solutions are designed to free up your valuable time whilst you also comply with safety legislation, ensuring you stay up to date with best practice in your industry.

Health and Safety induction courses
Health and Safety essentials training
Fire Safety and Fire Marshal training
Manual handling training
Managing stress at work
Data Protection awareness
Display Screen Solutions (DSE)
Security awareness training
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