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Don't Be the Easy Target in the Cyberattack Surge

Dom Taylor


General Insurance

Recent cyberattacks targeting healthcare organisations, including NHS partners, serve as a stark reminder of the growing online threats faced by the industry. Care homes, entrusted with sensitive patient data, are especially vulnerable due to perceived weaker defences by attackers.

We have a solution

This is where we step in with a comprehensive cyberattack insurance solution partnering with industry leader Coalition. Many care homes mistakenly believe cyber threats only target large corporations, reality, you could be a prime target due to lesser resources for robust cybersecurity.

More than insurance cover

This specialist insurance goes beyond simply reimbursing financial losses after an attack. As this innovative approach prioritises prevention:

• Constant Vigilance: Coalition continuously monitors your systems for vulnerabilities, identifying and addressing weaknesses before they can be exploited.

• Real-Time Insights: Gain complete transparency into your cyber risk posture through a personalised platform. This allows for swift action against identified threats.

• Affordable Protection: Low entry-level premiums with essential coverage, ensuring every care home can access robust cyber defences.

• Peace of Mind, Proactive Management: Specialist insurance, combined with preventative measures, empowers you to proactively manage cyber risks, giving you peace of mind.

Don't Wait Until it's Too Late

Protect your business from a potentially devastating cyberattack. Secure your organisation with tailored cyberattack insurance.

You can discuss this further by calling 01273 424904 to ensure you're prepared for the evolving cyber threat landscape.

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