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15th March proved to be an eventful day for us as our offices were evacuated due to a large warehouse fire a couple of buildings away.

At about 9am, a warehouse fire occurred in an industrial estate just over the road from where our offices are located. Our team had barely had time to make a morning cup of tea before the police recommended that we evacuate the office. Not thinking much of it, our team left the building and walked away from the location, watching the fire crews get to work and of course not wasting a good cuppa

After a couple of hours past, we were notified that they thought the smoke may be toxic and we soon realised that we may not be able to get into our offices for the rest of the day. Our senior management team decided that it was best to send our team home for the day to work remotely.

This tested our Business Continuity Plan and we were pleased to be able to give our staff remote access to the system, as well as transferring all phone calls to their mobile phones. Although the morning was heavily disrupted, we were very proud of how our team handled the afternoon in such a professional manner.

Thankfully nobody was hurt in the fire and we were able to gain access to the office the next day. We apologise to anyone who tried to contact us during the morning of the 15th March and was unable to get through, but hopefully by now a member of staff has explained the situation to you.

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