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How Can We Show A Longer-Term Appreciation For Care Workers?


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We all witnessed the incredible show of appreciation by the public, and the incredible fundraising work for the NHS of the late Captain Sir Tom Moore. Big businesses and brands stepped up to show support and there were less publicised stories of local businesses and patients donating gifts and money to their local NHS workers for the commitment and selfless way they face the challenges of COVID-19 on a daily basis, while continuing to carry out their mainstream roles.

Care workers fall into that same category of committed, selfless workers who have experienced a significantly challenging year, and they too deserve some gratitude. It takes a certain mindset to dedicate yourself to an industry still reeling from a virus which predominantly saves its worst for the elderly and vulnerable.

Focus on reward and recognition for carers has understandably been a discussion point in recent months. How can we show a longer-term appreciation for care workers? Whilst monetary incentives in the form of increased pay may not be viable, more cost effective employment enhancements can go some way in increasing staff engagement. It can also improve staff retention, an issue of importance as discussed in a previous post discussing the worries that a post-Brexit points-based immigration system presents for Care recruitment.

We can help you to think about direct, long term rewards for your staff through the employee benefits that they enjoy to not only reduce their financial fears but also provide them with valuable resources to lean on in times of difficulty.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help to boost employee benefits and provide support with their finances please contact us at

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