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Shortlisted for Commercial Lines Specialist Broker of the Year

Alan Ford


Care Insurance

Quality Care Group is thrilled to announce our shortlisting in the prestigious National Insurance Awards under the category of 'Commercial Lines Specialist Broker of the Year.' This recognition is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence in the care insurance sector. In this blog, we share our excitement and reflect on the key factors that have contributed to this achievement.

Our Dedication to Care Businesses

Quality Care Group, established in 2009, embarked on a journey to become a leading insurance broker for care businesses. The news of our shortlisting in the 'Commercial Lines Specialist Broker of the Year' category is a proud moment for our entire team. It reaffirms our dedication to providing tailored insurance solutions that meet the unique needs of the care sector.

Commitment to Ongoing Training and Innovation

At the core of Quality Care Group's success is our commitment to ongoing internal and external training. We believe in embracing change and staying ahead of industry trends. This dedication is evident in our regular site visits to clients, allowing us to gain a deeper understanding of their challenges and needs. Our focus on innovation, including the launch of our Business Efficiency arm and award-winning Risk Control division in 2018, reflects our responsiveness to customer feedback and our passion for delivering quality customer service.

Tailored Coverage for the Care Sector

Quality Care Group's commitment to the care sector goes beyond generic insurance policies. We understand that each care provider has distinct requirements. Our approach is centred on tailoring coverage to meet these specific needs, whether for residential care homes or assisted living facilities. This recognition in the 'Commercial Lines Specialist Broker of the Year' category underscores our success in providing comprehensive protection, offering peace of mind to our valued clients.

Navigating Regulatory Compliance

The care sector faces complex regulatory landscapes, and at Quality Care Group, we take pride in our in-depth understanding of the frameworks governing this industry. Our knowledge allows us to offer guidance that ensures our clients remain compliant, minimising the risk of legal complications and enhancing the overall quality of care. The shortlisting in this category highlights our commitment to navigating regulatory challenges successfully.

Excellence in Client Satisfaction

Client satisfaction is at the heart of Quality Care Group's success. Building enduring relationships based on trust, transparency, and an unwavering commitment to our clients' success is our priority. The 'Commercial Lines Specialist Broker of the Year' shortlisting reflects our client-centric approach, which goes beyond providing insurance coverage. We actively seek feedback, adapt our services continually, and deliver solutions that resonate with our clients.

Looking Ahead

As we celebrate this exciting milestone of being shortlisted for 'Commercial Lines Specialist Broker of the Year,' Quality Care Group remains dedicated to advancing knowledge, embracing innovation, and providing unparalleled service to the care sector. We extend our gratitude to the National Insurance Awards for considering us for this prestigious accolade.

Stay tuned as we eagerly anticipate the awards ceremony on the 7th March, where we hope to celebrate the collective efforts of our team and the ongoing support of our valued clients. Together, we continue to raise the standards of excellence in care insurance.

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