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Mock Care Quality Commission Inspections

Jade Concannon


Risk Control

Quality care is essential for any healthcare facility, be it a care home or domiciliary care business. As you are obviously already aware, to ensure that you're meeting regulatory requirements and providing the best possible care, it is compulsory to undergo inspections by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). However, waiting for the official inspection may not always be the best strategy. You should consider a mock inspection to proactively address concerns, improve your services, and achieve better outcomes and these are some of the reasons why.

Stay Current with Legislation:

If your care facility hasn't been inspected for several years, you may not be up to date with the latest legislation and requirements. A mock inspection can help you identify areas that need improvement to meet current standards.

Prepare for Your First Inspection:

If you haven't yet been rated, a mock inspection is an ideal opportunity to prepare for that first key inspection. It's best not to leave this to chance. Being well-prepared can significantly impact your initial rating.

Learn from Past Mistakes:

If you've received a disappointing rating in the past, a mock inspection can help you understand what you can improve on next time and evaluate the effectiveness of your action plans.

Fresh Perspective:

Regular internal audits are essential, but a fresh pair of eyes can uncover issues that may have become stale. A mock inspection provides an external perspective, helping you identify overlooked areas.

Review and Improve:

A mock inspection gives you a chance to review areas that need improvement and assess what you're already doing well. This can lead to more efficient processes and better care standards.

Preparation for Inspection Changes:

If you're unsure how your facility will fare following impending inspection changes, a mock inspection can help you understand your current standing and make necessary adjustments.

Enhance Reputation:

Better ratings lead to improved occupancy rates, staff retention, and staff confidence. A higher CQC rating also enhances your reputation within the industry.

Demonstrate Commitment:

A mock inspection provides opportunities to deliver better care standards and demonstrate your commitment to residents, employees, and the care industry as a whole.

Avoid Negative Impact:

A negative rating can have significant consequences, including reduced business, inability to attract new residents, and potential price increases. Avoiding a negative rating is imperative for the well-being of your facility.

What Does a Mock Inspection Entail?

A mock inspection is essentially a trial run of the real CQC inspection. It can be arranged unannounced if preferred.

During a mock inspection:
  • Key information and processes will be reviewed.
  • Observations of staff and service users will take place.
  • Interviews with family members and carers may be conducted.

Following the mock inspection, you will receive a detailed report with a full action plan to work from. Additional support from a consultant can be provided if required to help you through the action planning process.

CQC Rating and Insurance

Insurers carefully consider your CQC rating when determining whether to offer coverage and calculating premiums. Having the best possible inspection rating can lead to better insurance deals and more options. Conversely, it may be challenging to obtain competitive insurance if your rating is less than "good." Being well-prepared and aiming for a higher rating is essential to secure favourable insurance terms.

Why talk to us?

We offer various options for mock inspections, working with our trusted care partners. Our inspectors have extensive experience, ranging from former CQC inspectors to mental health professionals and care home operators.

Our mock inspection options include:
  • Full one or two-day on-site mock inspections.
  • "Mini-mock" virtual inspections that focus on reviewing key documentation.

If a mock inspection isn't suitable at the moment, we can arrange bespoke consultancy options to address your specific needs. Don't leave your CQC rating to guesswork; be prepared and strive for excellence in care quality and regulatory compliance.

Start the conversation today to learn more about these services, call our Risk Control team on 01273 424904. You can take advantage of a limited time offer of £540 inclusive of VAT for a virtual inspection.

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