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Risk Control

An exclusive offer for QCG clients

Why should you consider a Mock Inspection


Risk Control

What you need to know

The Role of Mock Inspections in the New CQC Framework


Risk Control

A great read for anyone who has a CQC inspection on the horizon

Free regulatory helpline for Quality Care Group Clients


Risk Control

Yet another reason to partner with Quality Care Group

The Health and Safety Challenges of Beds in Care settings


Risk Control

Claims & Risk Manager Jade Concannon, rounds up risks and solutions

Update on the Care Quality Commission’s new framework


Risk Control

More information around the new framework

Is Your property Storm-Ready? Preparing for Storm Ciarán


Risk Control

Stormy skies on the horizon

Testimonial: Regulatory Advice


Risk Control

Testimonial for Errol Archer

Bonfire Night Safety


Risk Control

Firework Displays, Fire Risk Assessments, and Care Homes

The Concrete Crisis in UK Public Buildings: Insurance Implications and How Quality Care Group Can Assist


Risk Control

Insurance Implications and How Quality Care Group can help

Mock Care Quality Commission Inspections


Risk Control

Find out all about them and reasons to consider them

Dealing with potential and actual liability claims


Risk Control

What to do when you suspect a claim with be forthcoming or actually received

Asbestos Survey: By Law you may need to have one


Risk Control

Do you need an asbestos survey?

Dealing with Solicitor Letters, from an insurance perspective


Risk Control

Unsure what to do when receiving a Solicitor letter?

Treatment Liability coverage vs Professional Indemnity


Risk Control

Renewals Manager, Carli Chick explains all in this blog

New Ambulance Hubs and Discharge Lounges


Risk Control

Six new ambulance stations and 42 new and upgraded discharge lounges

Workplace violence and the impact on your business


Risk Control

The hard facts and how employers can help their workers and their businesses

Strengthening Security: Martyn's Law and Protecting Businesses


Risk Control

New legislation that applies to care homes

CQC’s New Single Assessment Framework: What will it mean for you as a Care Home or Homecare provider?


Risk Control

Health & Social Care Law Expert Errol Archer gives a detailed review

World Health & Safety at Work Day 2023


Risk Control

Talk to us about Risk Control

Understanding And Mitigating Flood Risk


Risk Control

Climate change is making instances of flooding less predictable and thus more of a risk

Why Accuracy Is Key In Determining Your Reinstatement Costs


Risk Control

Buildings reinstatement valuations have and continue to be a top item on the agenda

Why Review and Preparation for the New Format Inspection is Key


Risk Control

Why now is a good time to organise a mock CQC inspection

Proceed with Caution - Increased Road Risk as Lockdown Fully Lifts


Risk Control

Road Risk: Full lockdown lifting and changing commuter behaviours

Construction Industry Supply And Demand Trends; The Impact On Buildings Reinstatement Costs


Risk Control

You could find property underinsured without recent re-evaluation

When 'Average' Really Isn't Good Enough


Risk Control

The importance of ensuring that your property is insured for the correct amount

Safeguarding Care Employee Wellbeing -Moral, Operational, and Financial Considerations


Risk Control

Why a focus on staff wellbeing for the long term is advisable.

Winter Months Safety Checklist for Care Homes


Risk Control

A cold weather plan is pertinent to care homes to protect all stakeholders.

Managing Risk in Winter Months for Domiciliary Care Businesses


Risk Control

A cold weather plan is pertinent to domiciliary care operations to protect your staff.

CQC’s New Transitional Approach to Monitoring Health and Social Care Providers


Risk Control

Guest blog, Errol Archer: What the Transitional Monitoring Approach (TMA) means for you.

Cyber Security in the Care Sector


Risk Control

Data breaches in the sector are on the rise, here's how to mitigate the risk.

Buildings Under-Insurance - A Note of Caution


Risk Control

Recent data suggests that as many as 50% of businesses in the UK are under insured...

Winter Months Risk Control

Risk Control

It’s essential for all companies to develop a cold weather plan and to make sure staff...


Risk Control

Here at QCG, we are always evolving our products to ensure we offer a great service.

Hurricane Season

Risk Control

Hurricane Season is in full swing in the Caribbean and those 145 miles an hour winds...